Stingingly obvious

Sometimes we cradle busyness

Hanging onto it as if it were

Something precious

Falsely believing that if we

Are busy-as-a-bee

We are productive

When often it is irrelevant

And disruptive

Keeping us from

The really important things

In life

We pride ourselves on

Being able to multi-task

But what does it matter

Who really cares

That we can do multiple things

All at once




Leaving ourselves no time

To do even one

Really meaningful thing

What is impressive about that?

Holding onto busyness

Is like holding onto

A living bee

A bee cannot help it’s true nature

Hold it too tightly

It will sting


Will do the same

Let it go

Take care of yourself

Visit your family

Talk with a friend

Those are the

Really important things

The meaningful things

In the end

E.A. Fussell


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