Self Awareness

Trying to release the ego

And get to the center of


That place where the kingdom of God

Is within

Should be simple

But the ego mind is a fighter

It’s like a snapping turtle that latches on

Until lightning strikes

Try letting the mind go

Sit quietly

Releasing every conscious thought

Letting the awareness that

Sits in the center and knows

Come forward

The true self

Part of the Master Creator

As awareness rises

The mind will bring

All sorts of trivial chatter

To distract, manipulate, control

Anything to keep your attention

Because it knows

Wherever attention goes

Determines what exists

Without attention

The ego ceases to exist

So it jumps up and down

Grabs and hooks the attention

By any means

But one day lightening does strike

Releasing the jaws of the snapping turtle

Maybe it’s gradual an accumulation

Of consistent practices

Maybe it’s a profound instant event

But if the desire to know ones true self

Is strong enough

The lightening will strike

Understanding will light up the inside

From the place of deepest awareness

The transformation can be subtle

Or extremely obvious

Some onlookers may not recognize

The change in you

Too lost in their own ego mind

Some will find the change frightening

Unnerving them

That your triggers can no longer

Be triggered

A few onlookers will recognize

The source of your light

True self glowing with awareness

And will stand in awe

Wishing and hoping

One day they

Will experience the same

E.A. Fussell


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