What will get you farther

Once upon a time

Two stubborn beings

Crossed path

The thinker decided

They could get farther

If they rode together

One upon the other

The stronger one agreed

To this partnership

And offered up its back

The thinker climbed aboard

Then desire to lead took over

The thinker squirmed and kicked

The stronger one stood still

Amused at the thinker’s

Lack of riding skill

The thinker became annoyed

Demanded the stronger one move

Heels kicked up

The thinker flew through the air

Meeting the ground with a thud

The stronger stood still

Waiting for the response

The thinker slowly arose

Brushed off itself from head to toe

Stomped over to the stronger

Stood for a moment

Thought about going on alone

Looked up the path that now

Seemed somehow longer

Then turned to the stronger

Okay, you can lead

The stronger gave

A delighted bray

The thinker climbed aboard

Letting the reins fall loosely

And easily they departed

E.A. Fussell


Ponder this:

the thinker is like our ego mind

the stronger is like our inner being

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