Wondering why I didn’t wander more

It’s a disturbing feeling

When your mouth speaks words

That do not match the words

Your mind is thinking

When it first started

I didn’t think much of it

Now it has become worrisome

I would like to say

It is a mind too full of thoughts

Combined with lack of focus

But that is not the case

Awareness of what I am saying

Has never been more heightened

Thus the greater alarm

When the words come out all wrong

No symptoms of an underlying issue

No evidence of stroke

Only jumbled sentences

Of words mis-spoke

Treatment protocol has started

To improve cognition and memory

It seems to be helping

At least it’s easing the misery

Of worrying

I’m too young to lose my mind

I wish that I had invested my time

Less in doing and accomplishing

More in seeing and just being

E.A. Fussell


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