Skating on thin ice

What would happen

If we moved our friendship

To romance

Maybe it would work

Maybe it would be a disaster

We are so wrong for each other

You keep things just in case

I release things as soon as

There is no immediate use for them

You want to spend your retirement

Working on a new business venture

I want to spend my retirement

Just being

You are a social butterfly

I am a social avoider

You own lots of things like

Property in multiple states

I own nothing except

What I can fit in my truck

(In one load)

You consider me your best friend

I don’t believe men & women

Can be best friends

They are wired too differently

How could they ever

Understand each other well enough

To be best friends

You post political expressions

I post nature pictures

Yes, I admit

There are ways in which we click

We come from the same culture

And there is comfort in that

We’ve been friends for decades

No need to explain our pasts

We both like to travel, cook, garden

Adventure appeals to us

We believe in helping others

Taking care of family


But still I hold out and insist

On remaining just friends

Good friends are hard to gain

And would surely be lost

If romance wasn’t a winning game

I keep thinking

Maybe it would work

Maybe it would be a disaster



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