Time & mind

Will not solve your problem
But if you are one of those
Who thinks it will
Ponder this

You already have many
Of the same things
Billionaires have
Two important ones
Include time and mind

Twenty-four hours in a day
The same amount of time as
Every other soul on earth
Rich or poor
No one has more

You have the same
Human mind as everyone else
Rich or poor
It can transform any thought
Into an experience

When you truly comprehend
Living a rich life
Has nothing to do with money
You will have more

You already own the key
All you have to do is
Unlock your mind
What you are thinking helped
Get you where you are

Change your thoughts
Create new feelings
Take positive action
Get desired results
Thoughts help create your life

Look yourself in the eye
The clock is ticking
How are you investing your
Most precious gifts time and

E.A. Fussell

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