Claim your Key

What binds you
Locks you down
Hinders you
Keeps you from achieving
Your highest and best self

Words are powerful
They creep into your mind
Take shape in your reality
If your heart believes them

Guard your heart
Renew your mind

Ignore negative words
From others
End self defeating talk
In your own mind

Claim your key
The gift of authority
To release yourself
And bind that which
Seeks to steal, kill, destroy

The Messenger arrived
In the form of a child
Grew into a miracle worker
Was sacrificed for you

Your ability thru Him
Has boundless power
Knowledge, understanding Wisdom, creativity and love

Break your locks
Live free

E.A. Fussell

Proverbs 4:23
Romans 12:2
Matthew 16:19
John 3:16

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