Unfollow the norm

Nobody ever made a difference

By being like everyone else

So why are we so consumed

With hiding our authentic self

We plaster on makeup

False lashes and nails

We repeat the latest meme

Everyone else has shared

We buy the same books

Drive the same cars

As herds we flock to the same

Large stores

Does Big box selling work

Because it’s cheaper

Or because we’re too afraid

To unfollow the norm

It’s easy to make a difference

In the world we inhabit

It may be a small difference

But that doesn’t matter

We can still have an impact

By listening to our inner self

Not the one that’s always talking

The one that’s subtle often silent

Until we get quiet and listen

It’s okay

If we are the only one who knows

What our inner self wants us to do

We don’t have to make a show of it

That’s the ego

(the one who’s always talking)

Trying to take over

Just quietly do something different

That raises your vibration

Makes you feel better

Inside there is an authentic soul

Waiting to be heard

It may come in the form of a feeling

Or be journaled into a word

You will understand

How to recognize it

If you just get quiet

And the more time you take to listen

Your understanding will get better

And you will feel and see

The impact

Subtle, or sometimes huge

A small change can have

On your life and your world

It’s amazing

How spending quiet time

With ourselves

Can make us feel more connected

To our creator, our environment

And all the other souls

Some of whom we know

Some we may never meet

But if we raise our vibration

For ourselves

As God created us to do

We inevitably support

All of God’s creation

E.A. Fussell


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