A horse called Monday

Monday horse
You tried to throw me off
First thing this morning
Right out of the gate
With an unexpected issue
That had me running super late
By lunch I had rallied
Was still hangin’ on
But you continued tossing and
Tumbling me with various
Construction challenges
All throughout the afternoon
By email, text and phone
Two feet in the stirrups
And one hand on the horn
I managed to hang on
And made it through the day
Feeling tossed and torn
As I pulled into my driveway
I was thinking it’s almost over
Then I remembered
It’s day one
Of ninety
On my new fitness plan
So I grabbed the reins a little tighter
As up to my home gym I ran
When the timer bell finally rang
At the end of my exercise
I thought to myself
Monday horse
You sure gave me
One helluva long
Eight second ride

E.A. Fussell

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