I’ve not been arrested

But chains that imprison

Aren’t always visible

And are often unknown

Even by those closest to me

Most of us have them

Those unseen secret tethers

In one form or the other

They may be thoughts

Keeping our minds shackled

To programmed beliefs

That don’t really make sense

When we think about them

If we allow ourselves to think

They may be lost love

Encircling our heart

Keeping us tied to memories

That ripped our world apart

They may be secret addictions

To sugar or shopping

Or something worse

I wrestle with my prison chains

Of thoughts and feelings daily

Sometimes I think I’m almost free

Then I hear the links snap together

As they tighten

Binding around me

Reminding me

There are some things

Of which

I may never be free

E.A. Fussell


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