Full heart

Monday’s already trying

To pull me into its depths

With whispers of my todo list

Emails, schedules, orders to place

But my heart is too full right now

Stressful thoughts it will not allow

Time spent with family last week

And a close friend over the weekend

Laughter, conversations, fun

Have me feeling very thankful

Memories swirl gently around me

Like floating butterflies

There’s my nine year old niece

With her beautiful joy filled eyes

The love of my brother and his

Wonderful wife created this child

That is such a blessing

Laughing, playing, reminding me

There is nothing quite like family

The memories continue to flutter

Like butterfly wings

As the scene changes and

There is my dear friend Patti

Surprising me out of the blue

Saying they’ll be in Galveston

So to the coast I drove

Laughter, pool games, pinball

Classic rock and lots of talks

Yes, after a week filled with family

And a weekend with dear friends

My heart is full

My mind is light and Monday

Doesn’t stand a chance

E.A. Fussell


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